Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Live Happy and things worth while....

It is a good day to do a post, a little cool and rainy. I have been busy working on the yard and garden, it seems that it takes a lot of time getting the place ready for the new season.

A overgrown rock bed is the start, the bank is cleaned up, another bed gets a revamp.

A favourite Motto, something to think about these days, a bird bath that needs a new location and Chip or is it Dale.
My Live Happy arrived today, a big worm and another view of the project.

Corkscrew Hazel and the stump gets a hair cut. The waterline to the garden needs finishing.
Landscape fabric helps with the weeds in the garden, the Rhodo's are early this year a new bed last year gets some attention.
 I hope these Spring shots puts a smile on every ones faces!
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fence Weaving, making sign easels and real concerns about our "electronic age"...

I bought a couple of truck loads of yellow cedar slabs and off cuts to use for my garden fence. The price is right and when it is finished around $125.00 will do a hundred feet. Tonight is the time change and Spring is very close. It is time to get busy with gardening, pruning and other spring things. There are still frosty mornings, the price to pay for beautiful sunny days.

Awesome shot from a friends home of Mount Washington, holly in the yard and my stash of leaf mold for the yard and garden.   
Getting the wood, painting and assembling easelsThe wood is re purposed from my Dad and the door skins left over from another job. It is good to have a stash!
The Kids hanging out, the two easels. There are more health issues coming up every day we need to educate ourselves. 
Interesting sky, a quarter moon and beach wood for the fence.
The slab fence - I am very happy with it, still a ways to go. This is the view that the neighbours see from the road. I love the texture mix from the slab boards. Still have the tarp area to finish. Hides my yard, protects my garden from the deer (somewhat, they are pretty clever at finding ways to eat the tops of tender new plants). I need to write a post just about fence weaving.
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Turning the corner...

The last two months have been taken up with dealing with family issues, it is so nice that my input is done and it is now time to look to the future. Spring is just around the corner and there is much to look forward to.

The final touches at Dad's Condo
In 1986 Vancouver hosted Expo 86 and I had the good fortune to build the water fountain at Horseshoe Bay.
Top left Arriving at Departure Bay Vancouver Island. Blue Berries getting wood shavings, gravel on a wet area of driveway. Birds eye view around the yard from woodshed roof. Center bottom Departure Bay.
Some spring flowers around the yard, reflections from window my younger sister made long ago.
I have been thinking about some fellow bloggers with health issues and being into natural health I suggest 2 things; Apple cider Vinegar (Organic) with Mother and fresh squeezed  Lemon juice to balance your acidity check it out. 

Have a great Sunday and a Great Week

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Upgrading Dad's Condo...

My dear Dad moved into a retirement Village in mid-December and it is quite nice and is a real community. My sisters and friends have done a lot of hard work to take care of a life time of memories and all that makes up a home. This makes us all look at our lives and think of downsizing. Now empty, Dad's condo needed to be upgraded - flooring, plumbing and painting plus lots of little jobs such as lighting and trim.

Looking back at a happy day (above) visiting at my sister's place, she has a really nice home.

This is where Dad has his new suite, it was Robbie Burns Day when I visited and pipers came to help everyone celebrate.

What a great bunch of folks.
Dad was just on the way to his suite and he really enjoyed himself.

So what work was done at Dad's condo?

On to the work that was being done at Dad's condo. The walls were patched, sanded and painted. The carpets were removed. New flooring and baseboards and various trims were installed. The living room and hallway ceilings were painted. All the ceiling lights were updated. Two kitchen blinds were replaced. There were a great many dump runs involved.

Then there was the bathroom.

The bathroom was the biggest job. The sill to the shower was rotten and the entire shower area was removed down to the cement and 2 x 4's (this included tile removal). The bottom 2 pictures (below) are from the bathroom.

A peek at the living room cement floor levelled after tearing out the old rug (in top right picture above).

More shots of the shower and the underlay for the hallway flooring.

Here are a few shots of the living room flooring, trim around the fireplace and a picture of the tile for the bathroom being installed.

So, everything was finished and I was packed to head home. During the night the water pipe in the den leaked and water went into the hallway, closets and doorways of the bedroom and den.

The drying was in the hands of a Restoration Company. Fortunately the leak was caught before major damage was done. I pulled up the flooring and underlay that was wet and the Restoration's fans were on for 4 days. Strata didn't cover water leaks so help had to be hired to replace the areas that got wet. Another expense in the long list of things that can go wrong.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Little Christmas decoration...

It has been a little hard to get into the Christmas Spirit this year but there is much to be grateful for. Happily my Dad is out of the hospital after nearly 2 months recovering from a fall/hip surgery and rehab.

I am going to see him tomorrow and I am spending a few days to help him adjust to his new suite and routines. It will be great to have some family time and to lend a hand...

Spent some time today cleaning up my office porch and made a Holly display in an old copper boiler plus added some flowers we picked up, oh so nice! A 21 inch maple leaf and a poor picture of Pookie.

Some shots of recent high water taken at the local pub.

Mushrooms on firewood, a nest in the holly and our Holly.

Buddy after the groomer and new decorations for the doors.

Cheery leaves, Middlenatch on a blustery day, reflecting ducks (mallards) and Taz in his new spot.

A palliated woodpecker (not my photo), a better Pookie photo and some garden colour.

I hope that you are able to be with family and friends over the Christmas season. Merry Christmas everyone!
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