Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lost in Thought...

I have been busy with fall things, working on yard and garden thinking of the next season. Gathering leaves for mulch is one thing I do each year and each year I have a neighbor who lets me have his leaves. He has 7 big leaf maples in a clump, I call them the seven sisters, usually half of my leaves come from these. Working on the garden is a good release of stress and a way for me to gather my thoughts.

A sunrise on my way to pick up Dad's Chest of Drawers. Fall colors

The kids and a Pileated came to visit

A baby bunny, a maple in all it's glory, a cool pair of boots and gathering leaves.

Planting some Garlic, Buddy has a hair cut, nice scarf, he has quite a collection. There is a lot of seed on the Maples and the Oak in my Memorial Garden.

This collage reminds me of my Mom and Dad. I miss them.

Pookie and a trip to the beach

Thanks for visiting.


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Monday, September 7, 2015

Giant Rusian Red Garlic...

With the way the gardening season was this year and the fact that the garlic wasn't planted in the fall I wasn't expecting to have much success. There were a lot of volunteers from the scape's that I had scattered around in the fall so I planted those as well as the cloves. This season I cut the scape's  thinking the energy would go into the bulbs...

Working on this years crop it turned out to be a good year

This Bouquet is for Ray who made the pot back in the day.

A half moon, sunflowers and black eyed susans
Taz in his younger days.
Pookie, a Camellia which we have in our courtyard and a Sask. stump puller
Buddy's favorite spot under the garden cart, Mom's Peace rose is still blooming and poppies from earlier this year.
Taking care of the garlic hoping to spread among family and friends. Have a Happy Day everyone!


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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A little of this and that...

It has been a busy summer with the feel of fall in the air, my energy has picked up...

It has been a good growing season the sunflowers were fun to grow as they got taller  the wind knocked them over a time or two. Being in pots may have not been the best idea!

Took the time to put down some blue crush in my car port and used the roller to pack it. Sure beats the sand

The kids and some flower shots always makes me smile
I was lucky enough to get in the draw for a shed full of cool stuff. It was fun to have a chance, no my key didn't fit.
I hope you have fun in your life and enjoy mother nature.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rain-O ...

It has been raining, last night and all day and it is much appreciated. There is a chance of a couple more days or rain yet before the sun returns. There is nothing like mother nature watering the plants...

My favorite Day Lilly El Desperado, Buddy enjoying a dog chew, our $2 rose and the young bunny still hanging around.

Our local carving contest it always interesting!

A smokey sunset from the forest fires

I put up the flag on July 1st, some Day Lilies. Blueberries from the garden and working on the old family kitchen table that Dad built - I sort of remember it in the glassed in dining porch on the ranch way back in 1956 and it was part of family life through many moves until it settled in with me (my sisters were wondering where it was).  

Another sunset

Seaweed for the garden to keep the bugs off, Jelly Fish, Buddy and Taz trying to get my attention, Gai feather flowers.

Garlic scapes are ready, garlic and blueberries together. Everything has been ready early this year.

I hope everyone has been able to enjoy some of natures bounty and to spend some time with family and friends.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hot Summer goings on at the Island Rustic Homestead...

Hot and Dry is the forecast for this summer, water shortage is a given. Being forewarned by a mild dry winter and the continuing drought in California it seems that climate change may need a little more than lip service from those in power. There are lots of things that can be done by individuals and every little bit helps.

Tree Mellow, three Ravens dropped by yesterday the first time in 35 years. Water for the deer an old wash tub, a self portrait in one. I now have water and a hose out back in the back 40, it was my wife's idea.
Garlic Scapes in with the Blueberries, they are early this year. Bird bath with Robin. Raspberries are hot and heavy. Taz relaxing on Vanity, butterfly's need H2O.
Garlic tea for the bugs, young bunny needs... rose with weird marks, Pookie rules the roost. a Day lilly
Fruit Flam yummy, Columbine and Echinacea
Old notched-eared deer now has water, 
Point Defiance, squirrel approved wood pile, Peace rose.           

I hope everyone is keeping cool and hydrated. 

Wishing everyone in Canada a Happy Canada Day July 1st and our USA friends a Happy 4th of July.


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